Way Of The Dragon


Way of the Dragon; the ultimate movie of Bruce Lee’s career, launched after his demise. Lee can seek advice from to members of the family who own a cafe in Italy. However mobsters, who need the land the eatery is constructed upon, harass the house owners, forcing Lee to protect his circle of relatives, as best he can. Within the movie prime-voltage, prime-kickin finale, Lee, for the sake of his family members, should fight a U.S. karate skilled (Chuck Norris), in a Roman coliseum!

Product Description

In this film “Way of the Dragon” Tang Lung (Bruce Lee) travels from Hong Kong to Rome to help his family; Uncle Wang, and niece Chen Ching-hua, whose restaurant is being harassed  by the italian mafia. Tang fights off the gangsters and gains Chen’s approval. Tang befriends all the restaurant workers and trains them in Kung Fu.
Then the mafia boss sends a goon to kill Tang, but Tang gives the clown a good thrashing. The boss then goes to the restaurant with more goons but Tang kicks all their asses. Then the italian mob godfather warns Chen he will have to kill Tang if he does not leave Rome. Tang does not leave. The Don sends a highly trained marksman to shoot Tang but this attempt to kill him also fails. Chen is then kidnapped by the godfather and forced to sign a contract at the godfathers office , but Tang and his newly trained kung fu friends from the resturant save her.
The Don’s confidant hires three martial artists, to fight Tang. Tang takes on two of them and kicks their ass with help from his friends near the Roman Colosseum.  Uncle Wang kills Tony and Jimmy, and blames Tang for getting in the way. Uncle Wang would have  received a large sum of money if he had successfully persuaded Chen to sell the restaurant to the mafia. Tang has a final level style  fight to the death inside the Roman Colosseum with a karate fighter named Colt, the best of all three hired fighters. Tang beats Colt, Uncle Wang gets his ass killed, and police arrest the mob boss. Tang says goodbye to Chen and leaves Rome. Happy Ending!


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