Ip Man Final Fight


Product Description

In Ip Man the Final Fight , Postwar Hong Kong Mythical Wing Chun Grandmaster Ip Man is reluctantly referred to as into action another time, Whilst what starts as a easy problem from rival kung fu types soon attracts him into the dark and threatening underworld of Triads. Whilst Wong Tung gets into hassle with a mob boss referred to as Native Dragon, Ip Man and his scholars display up and rescue Wong. Now to protect lifestyles and honor, he has no selection however to Battle one last time. Ip Man Ultimate Battle is the finale of the Ip Man Film Series.

Anthony Wong portrays an elderly Ip Man on this Ultimate film of the series. What nice set of films to ad in your Kung Fu assortment! Based totally of true events,  which make the tale so a lot more unhealthy ass! Get it on DVD or Blu Ray nowadays!


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