Shaw Brothers Metal Tin: Epic Heroes


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Shaw Brothers Metal Tin: Epic Heroes

A definitive collectors set emphasizing four incredible Shaw Brothers motion pictures. This set arrives in a collectable metal tin case and incorporates an exemplary Shaw Brothers free shirt offer. Titles incorporate the accompanying.

Heros Shed No Tears

Alexander Fu Sheng’s combative technique abilities are marvelously emphasized in Heroes Shed No Tears as he plays the child of man a who should kick the bucket on account of a sword with a produced teardrop on its edge.

The Heroic Ones

The iron triangle of executive Chang Cheh and protégés David Chiang and Ti Lung make The Heroic Ones a quintessential movement epic, set throughout the fading years of the Tang Dynasty and fixating on an illustrious family overflowing with interest.

Delightful Forest

The fanciful saint Wu Sung (Ti Lung) was sent to the jail in Meng region in the wake of killing his sister-in-law and her sweetheart. There he was familiar with the jail officer Shih En (Tien Ching), who spared Wu from the stick discipline needed for new detainees. Wu figured out that Shih s restaurant Delightful Forest was taken by Chiang Chung (Chu Mu)…

Two Champions of Shaolin

Fanciful kung-fu film executive Chang Cheh presents an alternate of his on-going, movement stuffed, universally adored Venom religion classics, setting hostile to Manchu Shaolin experts against underhanded Wutang warriors in a strict battle until the very end.

Kung Fu!

Each of the four motion pictures have an English dialect track and subtitles.

Brand Name: Ingram Entertainment Mfg#: 812491010792

Transportation Weight: 0.55 lbs


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