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Masked Avengers is a Shaw Brothers film coordinated by Chang Cheh and delivered by Mona Fong. It is one of the later Venom Mob movies which no more featured Sun Chien or Lo Mang, who were supplanted by new Venom parts Wang Li and Chu Ko. It likewise gave a featuring part to more youthful part Chin Siu-Ho. This, alongside House Of Traps and Five Element Ninjas is one of the more rough and darker hand to hand fighting movies.

The Masked Avengers have been threatening the land, with their authority of the trident and a natural mercilessness, assaulting and plundering. In any case who are the men behind the cover, and what are the personalities of the three boss in the gold covers?

Chiang Sheng stars as Chi San Yuen, a hand to hand fighting master and pioneer of a defensive escort administration of other master contenders. Chi and his group are contracted to discover the Masked Gang and end their rule of dread.

Along the way Chi’s group experience Kao Yao (Philip Kwok) who was a previous head of the Masked Gang until he cleared out the posse. He helps Chi’s group in their battle against the Masked Gang and serves to uncover that the his substitution in the pack has officially penetrated Chi’s gathering. The last showdown between the Masked Gang and Chi’s group of contenders lead to a full scale fight at the Masked Gang’s mystery sanctuary.

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